When finding the right gift for your clients and/or co-workers it is important to have a personalized touch. That is why at VinoVitro we make your corporate gift really yours.

We select the best wines for your clients and co-workers from world renowned winemakers to ensure your recipients feel valued by you.

We professionally design and print custom greeting cards and package them for your clients in a range of premium wine gift solutions and deliver direct to you or your clients for that extra special service we are famous for.


Christmas is always around the corner, and when thinking of Christmas gift ideas for your company, it can be a mind-bending process, especially if you have a lot of employees & clients to cater to. Make it simple with personalized wine gifts with a twist, no longer are they receiving boring wine bottles as so many of your competitors are giving , now you can offer them world class award winning wines by the glass. You will be remembered as the company that gave them a Chateau Pavie for Christmas!

Choose to give your hard-working employees & valued clients 3 amazing glasses of wine to drink either all red, all white, or a mixed box with these world famous wines by the glass. Add your own Christmas-inspired company logo for a gift that your staff can enjoy and remember. Don’t worry about any of the wrapping or packaging, or even delivery, we have got you covered.

Using wine as a corporate gift is nothing new so stand out and be remembered by offering your clients, staff or suppliers something unique by offering them 3 glasses of super premium wines. This way your clients, staff or suppliers can have a glass of wine that is truly out of the ordinary, who doesn’t want to receive a very expensive and award-winning wine by the glass to enjoy!

We are agile here at VinoVitro, if you have an important gift and it’s just a single box of 3 glasses – we can do it, these things happen and not all orders are for 1000 boxes but that too we can handle, we cater for high volume clients too. Shipping pallets of 3 glass boxes across the whole of the EU safely and tracked so you know when your gifts have been received. Want them delivered to your office for you to hand out, not a problem, we deliver how you want us to.

Send us an email corporate@vinovitro.com and we will make the magic happen!