VINOVITRO is a monthly wine-by-the-glass membership club. We send you a beautiful box containing three glasses of wine from all around the world chosen for you to enjoy. Each shipment also contains tasting notes, food pairings and our dedicated sommelier notes. Let our Sommeliers find you new favorite wines and explore new regions, learn about grapes and your taste preference.

How do I become a member?

Great! We can’t wait to welcome you to VINOVITRO. To join, simply click here . Tell us a bit about your preferences, red white or mixed and how many bottles you want to receive a month. Then you choose the length of your membership. (1-month, 3-months, 6 monthly or 12 months) But you must be over the legal drinking age in your country to become a member.

What is included in each months box?

In each box, you will have 3 glass sided bottles filled with top quality wines.

We also add detailed information about each wine, the grapes and the region to help you get a better understanding of the wines you like and why. We also add our sommelier notes to each wine so you see what the seasoned professional thinks of this wine, what they taste and smell in it.

What are the membership options?

We currently offer the Discover membership plan with different lengths: a 1 month, 3-Month, 6 month and 12-Month. Click here to see the prices and membership options.
For 3-6 and 12 Month plans, after your initial period has lapsed, your plan renews monthly at the fixed rate for as long as you remain a member.

We will be offering 3 different types of membership, check them out here : Discovery, Experience and Expert. Their prices start at 35euro + shipping per month. Each membership type has a different price range and a different wine range.

The Discovery package offers wines between 25 and 50 euros a bottle in restaurants. The Experience bottles range between 40 and 80 euros per bottle and the Expert wines range between 280 and 500 euros per bottle. We try and add a list of restaurants where these wines are available.
Get started on your membership plan here.

Can I pick the type of wines that I receive?

Absolutely! When signing up for your plan, you can select a box of all red, all white or both red and white wines. Our sommeliers carefully selected and tested each box and providing you with a perfect set of 3 glasses in your membership level and wine preference We ensure that all the wines are of equal value and the box each month is of equal value to the one before. We are sure you will be happy with the selection that is made for your membership, if not please do let us know!

I am a wine newby and don’t know anything about wine, but enjoy a glass now and then – is VINOVITRO for me?

Its ideal for you! VINOVITRO is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine without committing to an entire bottle. Savor a glass of red or white on any night and not have to waste that beautiful bottle or risk a wooden head the next day!

This is an ideal step into wines to learn your preferences, grapes and regions and not have to test a full bottle.

I’m a wine expert and only drink wines rated 90+ points – is VINOVITRO for me?

You bet VINOVITRO is perfect for the wine aficionado. All our membership packages provide you with amazing wines and the Bacchus package will be right up your alley as those wines are only 90+ Parker rated


Let’s Talk About The Wine

How do you ensure the wines stays well and doesn’t get effected by oxidation?

We utilize a extensive rebottling technology that ensures preservation of both taste and quality of the wine. Each glass guarantees the wine for up to three years, preserved exactly as if it were from the bottle. The wine no longer ages it stays perfect like the day it was picked. The technology has been worked on extensively by us and our inert gas partners which are world leaders at inert gasses.

It’s our mission to bring you the best wine and the most innovative product and that comes with the best technology behind it. We’ve taken every step to ensure no oxygen is introduced to the wine.

How do we know what wine we are drinking?

In co-operation with the vineyards we have their approval and their etiquette placed on the glasses so that you still have all the information on the bottle and label and you get the same restaurant sommelier experience than you would in a restaurant, even more thanks to our sommelier tasting notes.

How do you pick the wines?

We are a family of wine growers and wine aficionados, together with our team of overly obsessed sommeliers we have travelled and tasted the world, looking for superb quality, interesting finds, and great value. For you we have tasted over 10’000 different wines and we are tasting about 6 a day so the list is ever growing out of that we get to pick the most amazing wines for you. We work with all types of vineyards, from small family owned top rated vineyards to world renounced chateaus.

Where are the wines from?

The wines are from all over the world. We have old world mixed with new world, we will later on be developing packages depending on your preference of wine regions but for now we want to help you discover exactly what it is you like.

I only drink red or I only drink white wine. Can I request a box of only whites or reds?

Of course,! VinoVitro is the wine you love! During the signup process, you will have the option to select an all red, all white or mixed box. You can always switch between box once you are a member on the My Account page.

I LOVED the wines in my latest shipment, can I purchase more?

We love letting you tastes wines and then figuring out what you love , so of each wine that has ever gone into a box we will have a limited stock to sell after that month has shipped. So go right ahead and figure out which wines you love. Go to our B(u)y The Glass or B(U)U The Bottle page to choose and purchase the wines you love most.


What are the membership options?

When you click “Get Started,” we will ask what type of drinker you are Discovery, Experience or Bacchus (these are 3 different priced memberships types) after you choice the membership type you tell us what wine you would like (red, white or mixed) and then you can select the membership period.

You can choose between 1 month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month durations. Your account will renew for the same length after your initial membership period has ended at the fixed rate, unless you let us know you want to change the duration, which you can do on the My Account page.

Get started here.

When do I get charged?

Renewals take place on the same date each period. For example, if you sign up for a 3-month membership on April 10th, your account will renew on July 10th. And then the 10th of 3-month period thereafter. Same goes for the 1 month, 6 month and 12 month memberships.

We are here for you, a human behind the screen (maybe with a glass of wine), so feel free to email any account questions to us at support@vinovitro.com.

When does my VINEBOX box ship?

Such a great question, Your VINEVITRO will ship within 5 business days of your order being placed. Ohlalala its really happening! After that, your box will ship on the 20th of each month after your initial box. You will receive a shipment notification with tracking as soon as your wine is en route.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We work with Stripe as a payment terminal so that none of your credit cards details get held with us. If Stripe adds a mode of payment such as more local forms like Pin in Netherlands or Maestro In Belgium then feel free to use those methods.

How do I log into my account?

Go to our webpage www.vinovitro.com and click “Log In” in the upper right-hand corner. You can also click here to go straight to the log in page. Enter your email address and password on the next page and voila – you are logged in.

How do I change my membership?

It’s easy! Just log in to your account and you will be taken to your account dashboard. Here you can edit the type of box you would like to receive and the amount of glasses per month. You can also update any shipping and payment information in your account. Be sure to click “Save Changes” after any edits you make!

I just don’t like wine I am more of a beer drinker, how do I cancel my membership?

Oh no what happened? We are sorry to see you go!

To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and on your account dashboard, uncheck the box that says ‘AutoRenew?”. Please note that you will continue to receive any remaining shipments in your latest renewal cycle.

Don’t forget, you are welcome back at any time as we keep expanding our wine offerings!

I purchased a pre-paid membership and I would like to cancel and receive a refund.

Terrible news! We are so sorry to hear you’re leaving VINOVITRO and its wine club community. We can cancel your membership immediately, but we are unable to refund months already purchased. But what’s the reason maybe we can help. Let’s say you are moving, we are happy to ship anywhere within Europe or if that doesn’t work why not offer the remaining wine to a friend who sure could use a delicious beverage! Whatever they did for you, it must have been great as now they get to enjoy your amazing wines , they will love you for it!


Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere in the EU and UK. Shipping price is dependent on your country. We are working on getting you the best deals so far, we have super rates in Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and UK but we ship anywhere but depending on the location shipping may be a few euros more expensive.

Should I ship to my home or office?

It may be best to ship to your office, we need someone to be there to receive the parcel as we have a strict age limits so its for over age buyers and consumers only.

Will I have to sign for the package?

No. you won’t but if you want for an extra cost this extra security measure can be included in your shipping.

Oh No! I missed this month’s delivery, what now?

If you missed the first delivery attempt you will either get another attempt the next day or, depending on how your country’s postal service works, have a note in your letterbox stating where your goodies are waiting for you.

I’m concerned about shipping wine during hot weather. Will my wine survive the heat?

We certainly don’t want your wine to be sweating, so we take many precautions during the hotter months. The wine is in insulated carton boxes and we use temperature controlled trucks to go to your country of destination, there the boxes are placed in a temperate steady warehouse and shipped from there by the local postal service which should get to you within 24hrs of leaving the controlled area. The boxes are so well insulated it takes time for the heat to penetrate, our test have shown 49hours + before a significant increase is measured.

Exciting, when will my first VINOVITRO ship to me?

Your first VINOVITRO ship within 5 business days of when you placed your order. Additional boxes will ship on the 20th of the next month after your signup.


They say giving is better than receiving. Hmmm in this case it would be great to give but also to receive!

Can I give VINOVITRO as a gift?

You sure can, however you may want to keep the gift for yourself when you see how much they loved it.

To purchase a gift subscription, click here to go to our Gift Page and select the Type and duration of the membership.

During check out, you will enter the name and email address of the recipient, along with any gift message. Then their gift will be shipped within 5 working days from when you placed the order. Subsequent months will be delivered from the 20th of the next month.

Head over to our Gift Page to get your gift order started!

This would be the perfect corporate gift, is that an option?

We are here to help you and your business, so please drop us a line and we will see how we can make this happen for you. support@vinovitro.com.

Bottoms UP!